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Traveling with "a Bump" and | or Small Children

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When you're expecting, anticipate a different vacation from what you're used to. Preparation is essential. Plan carefully, spend a little more on nicer accommodations and rent a bigger more comfortable car for your trip if you own a small sporty one. Simplify your itinerary — and plan on bringing a sense of humor!

Traveling pregnant is just a warm-up exercise for your life for the next few years. It’s a peek into your future living with a 2- to five year old. You'll know the location of every restroom along your route! Then there's the moodiness - being bothered by everything, including but not limited to whining, crankiness, and cravings. And is there ever room for all the stuff you have to carry, much less for the actual people in the car?

Seriously - if you must travel during a pregnancy, try to do it during the second trimester, when you're beyond the discomfort of the first, but before you’ve grown huge in those final weeks close to the baby’s due date. Make sure there is enough room to be comfortable in the passenger seats, especially if you will be driving. This is the one time in your life that an upgraded rental model will be worth every penny of the expense! Use common sense - you need to see the family, but be smart. You might be thinking “it's my last chance to go without kids!” But it's best to play it safe. Plan a less - rather than more - ambitious trip. Keep your medical information readily at hand, find out where the local hospitals are along your route, and stay out of dangerous areas.

Pack lots of extra snacks - finger foods and small drink containers. Experience tells us to suggest water as the beverage of choice – it tastes the same whether it’s warm or cold, and it doesn’t spoil. If it spills (and it will!) water doesn’t stain or leave a sticky smelly residue that requires an immediate roadside stop for a complete change of clothes. You can even use a splash of it to clean up little messes as they occur. (You do have plenty of paper towels or tissues in the car, don’t you?!?)

Snacks? Cheerios (the original kind) are every mom’s best friend –they aren’t sticky or too sweet (inviting nausea) and they aren’t so salty that they need to be washed down with lots of liquid (necessitating more potty pit stops). Even little children can “gum” Cheerios into mush and you won’t worry constantly about choking hazards. Sharing? Don’t count on it! Everybody gets their own stash. Vacuum the car daily….there will be crumbs everywhere! GET OUT OF THE CAR for meals – everyone needs to stretch occasionally for comfort and safety, and you need some civilization as you dine, even if it’s just fast food burgers.

At HILTONHEADRENTALS.COM we know a little about the experiences you are facing. If you dream of getting away for a beach weekend with your young family, we hope you’ll consider Hilton Head Island, SC. We will be there to help you when you need the perfect vacation accommodation for the entire family, young and old.

Posted on October 21, 2014
by Hilton Head Rentals Staff