The following terms and conditions apply to any and all reservations made by guests with Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island to rent accommodations as provided per contract:

The following terms and conditions apply to any and all reservations made by guests with Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island to rent accommodations as provided per contract:

OFFICE HOURS: The office is open Monday thru Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. During our peak season, the office will close from 11:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday while we prepare for your arrival. You are able to make reservations 24 hours a day online at our website:

CHECK-IN TIME IS 4:00 - 6:00 PM: Occupancy is not available until property is declared ready by agent. No exceptions to this policy will be made. We will make every effort to have all properties prepared for your arrival but we can not guarantee it. **Off Season Check-In Packages will be available for pick-up between 2pm and 5pm.

EXPRESS CHECK-INS: During the months of March through October, we will be mailing out your complete check-in package to you 2-3 weeks prior to your arrival (*Full balance must be paid 30 days prior to arrival and rental agreement signed and returned). Express Check-In is available outside of June, July and August for a fee of $15.00. **Please note: Express check-in is only available to residents of the Continental United States. **Off Season November, through February, check in packages will be available for pickup between 2pm and 5pm. Arrivals after 5pm will need to call the office for late arrival instructions.

CHECK-OUT TIME IS BY 10:00 AM: (Guest not departing as agreed is subject to additional charge.)

ADVANCE RESERVATIONS: Current guests have the first option to rebook the same property for the following year if the property is available. The advance reservation must be made within 1 week after the current year's departure.

RATES: We act as an agent for individual property owners; hence prices may change from the published rates. We are not responsible for typographical errors in the brochure or on the Internet. Published rates are weekly (Saturday to Saturday) and all rates, taxes and fees are subject to change without notice. While most of our properties rent on a weekly basis (Saturday to Saturday), select units are available for partial weeks.

PAYMENT POLICY: A deposit of 40% of the total price is required for all reservations due within 10 days of booking the reservation. Final payment is due 30 days prior to arrival. Mark your calendar as no reminders will be sent out. No personal checks will be accepted after this date **Exception: Reservations made within 30 days of arrival must be paid in full by credit card at the time of booking and all monies paid are non-refundable at that time.

CANCELLATION POLICY: For a refund of monies, cancellation must be in writing and received 91 days prior to arrival date. For cancellation made prior to 91 days of arrival, a cancellation fee of $60.00 and the Reservation Fee of $60.00 will be forfeited. Cancellations made between 90 days and 31 days of arrival will result in a forfeiture of the 40% deposit. Cancellations within 30 days of arrival will result in a forfeiture of full contracted amount. Travel Insurance is available for an additional fee (Third party reservations are not eligible.) No refunds will be given for early check-outs or no-shows.
**This cancellation policy does not apply to discounted 3 week or longer reservations.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: A Security Deposit is required for all rentals. In lieu of a CASH deposit, an accepted credit card will be acceptable. The amount of a CASH deposit is at the discretion of the Agent; however, the minimum suggested deposit amount is EQUAL to the rental rate or $500, whichever is greater. Guest acknowledges Agent's authority to charge Guest's credit card for damages to the unit occupied by the guest and/or his/her guest.

CHECK POLICIES: A $35.00 service charge will be incurred for any returned checks. Foreign Travelers: Your checks must be issued in U.S. funds and drawn on a bank that operates within the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

WEATHER REFUNDS: NO Refunds will be given for Cancellation or Interruption that occurs due to inclement weather. Travel Insurance is available for an additional fee (**Restrictions Apply). For more information visit

WEBSITE/AFTER HOURS RESERVATIONS: Once you have made your reservations, a vacation specialist will contact you to confirm and finalize your rental with in 48 hours. The reservation is not final until approved by agent. Once approved, the reservation is subject to all term, conditions and policies.

OCCUPANCY: Rental Guest understands that we will accept families, married couples and responsible adults over the age of 25 ONLY with the exception of married couples where at least one of the individuals is over the age of 21. ((Non-family rentals that meet these requirements will be required to pay a CASH security deposit)). Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island does not rent to high school or college groups. House parties are prohibited. You certify that you have read carefully the limitations placed on the number of persons permitted to occupy the premises, and agree to abide by such limitations: if not, you will be asked to leave with no refund. Any complaints will be dealt with on an individual basis with additional Security Deposit required if situation warrants.

USE: Any use of the rental property for a purpose other than residential use for a family vacation must be approved by the Agent. A request must be submitted for use for any event such as weddings, receptions, family reunions or other large gatherings. If the event is approved, the Guest will be required to pay an additional deposit to be determined by the Agent and abide by Agent's determination on the requested event. The Agent reserves the right to cancel your rental reservation and occupancy of rental with no refund if Guest misrepresents an event.

REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE: Guest understands that Dwelling is a privately owned home or villa and is being made available for rent. Should the dwelling be undergoing any major repairs, Agent may provide guest with substitute comparable accommodations. In the event of a failure in heating or air conditioning or a major appliance and the Agent is unable to secure timely repair after notice of failure, a rate adjustment may be made at the discretion of the Agent as a rate not to exceed 10% of the basic daily rate. Agent also reserves the right to move guest to comparable accommodations, if deemed necessary by rental agent, with no rate reduction.

DAMAGE: Guest agrees to indemnify Owner & Agent for any damages to the Dwelling, grounds, furnishings, and household items, which is a result of your occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear. In the event that damages result from a guest's occupancy, Agent is authorized to utilize the "Security Deposit" to reimburse the Owner for said damages. Agent & Owner will not be liable for any damages to property nor liable for any accident that may occur to you during your occupancy in or on the property. Owner & Agent are not responsible for articles left on premises. There will be a $10.00 charge in addition to shipping charges for handling the return of any articles.

KEYS & PASSES: Some properties have keyless entry locks, if not you are issued 2 sets of keys. As these are privately owned properties, you are responsible for lost keys. The unit must be rekeyed in the event that keys are lost, misplaced, or non-returned keys. The guest will be responsible for the cost of this procedure. Guest is responsible for keeping the property locked. Neither the Owner nor the Agent will be held responsible or liable for theft or loss. Car Passes (where applicable) are limited to the number of bedrooms in the property. Please make arrangements to meet guest outside of the plantations gates.

PLANTATION/COMPLEXES: Please be aware that the Plantations and Condominium Complexes do not allow trailers, motor homes, motorcycles and/or recreational vehicles and rooftop cargo (i.e. Kayaks, Canoes etc.) other than Cartop Carriers.

PHONE SERVICE AND INTERNET ACCESS: Guest agrees NOT TO CHARGE LONG DISTANCE CALLS to Owner's phone, and, if he does so is in violation of this clause, Guest will be liable for said charges, plus a CHARGE OF $5.00 PER CALL. Hi-Speed and Wireless Internet Access are available in certain properties (Check Descriptions). This service is provided by the local phone company. Any service issues will be handled during normal business hours and is not considered an emergency. No refunds will be given for service failures.

PETS: While some of our properties are "Pet Friendly" after Labor Day Weekend and before Memorial Weekend, pets are not permitted in our homes or villas or on the premises - unless prior approval from agent. This policy will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. The Agent reserves the right to cancel your rental reservation and occupancy of rental with no refund plus charge $200.00 to treat the property for fleas.

POSTED RULES: All rental guests will honor posted rules and use of the rental property. It is further agreed that all guests will abide by the NO SMOKING ban at all homes and villas. Guest agrees to pay for any or all expenses (deodorizing, cleaning and if property can not be prepared for the next guest, the cost to relocate said guest) if evidence of smoking is found.

AVAILABILTY: In the event that the Owner of this privately-owned dwelling elects to remove his property from the management responsibility of Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island, Agent shall be held harmless by Guest. Agent will attempt to provide comparable accommodations at the original rate. If a comparable property is not available, company's sole responsibility will be to refund full guest payment.

LIABILTY: Guest agrees to indemnify and save Agent, its employees and agents, free and harmless from any claim or liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from, related to, or in connection with the rental of the above premises, including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or loss of property which is made, incurred or sustained by guest or any guest invitees. This also includes any rental equipment ordered through Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island for guest use. Agent or an authorized employee or repairman may enter the Premises during business hours for any purpose connected with the repair, care or maintenance of the premises.

PRIVATE POOLS/JACUZZIS: May be heated at an additional charge at prevailing seasonal rates*. Arrangements for Pool/Jacuzzi Heat must be made two weeks prior to arrival. There will be an additional $50 administrative fee after this period. Due to unforeseen mechanical problems with heating pools/Jacuzzis, we will refund the unused portion of the pool/Jacuzzi charge, but no adjustment will be made to rental rate. (*Note - Pools/Jacuzzis can not be heated separately.)

RESORT/COMPLEX AMENITIES: Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island does not control, nor is responsible for resort/complex amenities, including but not limited to Pool/Spa Closures, Elevators, Health Facilities, Pest Control, etc.

FIREPLACES/GARAGES/ELEVATORS/GRILLS: Fireplace and garage use varies from home to villa. Most fireplaces are decorative and not for rental guest usage, while some of the garages are used for owner storage. Some homes have elevators; however, they are not for use by rental guests. Grills may be available at individual homes (check descriptions) but as a rule they are not allowed at individual condos/villas.

OWNER CLOSETS: Some properties have closets and cabinets that are designated for Owner Storage. These locked areas are not accessible to rental guests.

CONSTRUCTION: Because tourism is the largest industry on Hilton Head Island, construction and remolding are always being done. Our reservation agents are not expected to be aware of construction projects, homes or villas. Should you find yourself near construction, please exercise patience and understanding. In the event it becomes intolerable, we'll do our best to talk to the contractors, but no refunds or moves will be made.

REAL ESTATE SALES: Some of the properties we manage will be available for sale during your stay. If you are staying in a property that is for sale, every effort will be made to schedule any showings on a turnover day so as not to intrude on your vacation. If a request is made to show the property during your stay, you will be contacted by our property management staff.

TERMINATION: If guest violates any conditions of this agreement, Agent may terminate this agreement and enter premises. Upon notice of termination of this agreement, Guest shall vacate the premises immediately. In the event Owner and/or Agent have to resort to legal process to enforce rights under this Agreement, Guest shall be responsible for reasonable Attorney fees and costs. Guest agrees this contract is entered into in Beaufort County, South Carolina and consents to the personal jurisdiction of any proper court located therein.

ESCROW DEPOSIT AGREEMENT: I have been advised that my reservation deposit must be placed in a S.C. Escrow Account as required by S.C. Real Estate Law. I, the undersigned, so hereby authorize Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island, a duly authorized corporation of South Carolina, to receive any and all interest that might be earned from the Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island Escrow Account monies that are being held for my benefit.