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Family Vacations

Hilton Head Island known for its beaches, allows you to enjoy your vacation your way. Whether riding a bike on it, swimming in it or just sitting in a chair everyone's vacation includes a trip to the beach. But remember there is more than just a great beach, what with world renowned golf, tennis, restaurants and even shopping so come and enjoy!

Mary S - Orlando, FL

Taking the grandkids fishing off the dock this year my oldest grandaughter caught her first shark!

Beach Dollars
Teresa R - Depew, NY

It was our first vacation with all of the family (mom, my sister's family and us). We went to the beach everyday looking for 'beach things'.

We found a crab or two, saw dolphins so close to the beach - we thought we could touch them, bald eagles and a few shells. But the best was when we went to the beach after dinner and we were watching a little boy (maybe about 7 or 8) dig in the sand. He'd walk, then dig, picked something up and repeated a couple times. Finally, we asked what he was doing and he told us finding sand dollars. It was so cool how he showed us and described what to look for.

From that moment forward all of us, except grandma were searching for dollars on the beach.

Hilton Head was one of the greatest vacations we had and we will be returning, hopefully next spring.

Stinky HorseShoe Crab
Jackie S - Clinton, OH

While this particular memory did not take place on my recent trip this year, the sight of the horse shoe crabs that were washed up on the beaches reminded me of a trip I took back in the early 90's with some friends. One of which just had to bring back the horse shoe crab shell that she had found, as a souvenier, so she cleaned it out as best she could and wrapped it up in plastic bags and packed it in our we departed back to Ohio. So although our time in Hilton Head was fun filled and marvelous, our drive home was full of misadventure.

One after another, starting with the air conditioner going out as soon as we crossed the bridge off the island! We (I) dealt with that for several hours until my co-horts decided to go to a Dairy Queen for lunch. That's when someone in the car spilled ice cream on me. That feels great in a hot car. Then, a few hours top it all off, we get a flat tire in Charleston, West Virginia on the side of the four lane highway. So we had to get the spare out of the trunk. As soon as we opened the trunk, the most hideous smell escaped from, you guessed it...the horse shoe crab! I had had enough and grabbed my beach chair, walked down the interstate as far as I could get from the offenders in my party and propped my feet up on the gaurdrail until the spare was put on and we were read to resume our journey home.

Despite this freak show, my memories of Hilton Head are fun filled and it is my favorite vacation destination on the east coast. The beach is beautiful and I love the vegetation on the island.

I cannot wait to come back!!!! :)

Lisa N - Atlanta, GA

Our home was wonderful in Sea Pines with every imaginable amenity. When we weren't enjoying the inside of our vacation castle we were outside walking the many trails surrounding the Island, visiting Lawton Stables and the petting zoo, or enjoying the amazing shops in the area. Of course, the most exciting part of our vacation were the beautiful beaches! We spent as much time there as possible and after a long day in the sun and surf we made our way to several fantastic restaurants. Hilton Head is our go-to destination and is never disappointing!

Hilton Head Vacation
Kelly V - Van Buren, OH

Our 13 year old son wrote about his Hilton Head vacation as part of a school writing project. I thought I would share his memory to get a kid's point of view of Hilton Head.

'After thirteen exhausting hours, we finally arrived at our destination...Hilton Head with my family, grandparents, aunt, uncle and two cousins! It was a beautiful maze to find our rental house with all the twisting road, yet so much beauty to take in and see. We finally found our house up against the beach for a beautiful view.

As soon as I saw the sand and water I wanted to go and run through the waves. We had to unpack and eat dinner before we could explore the beach. I was full of agony with the suspense of waiting! After dinner we explored the beach. Our house was on a private beach for only the houses around it to use in Lands End. The water and sand wasn't the same as the public beaches but the public beaches don't have the amazing creatures coming up onto the sand. We found seashells and had a non-stop view of dolphins coming out of the water.

I liked to get up early in the morning so my grandpa and I could get to see the dolphins close to shore and also fish with he and my uncle. I threw my line and a couple minutes later I got a sharp tug. I reeled in the line and I found out I had caught a baby shark! It was flopping around like crazy. Its body was gray and its belly was white, it was so awesome. After we threw it back in and a little while later I caught two stingrays. We saw lots of different creatures while at Hilton Head...alligators, fish, blue geckos, birds, stingrays, baby sharks, dolphins, crabs, jellyfish, and snails.

I had lots of fun on this extraordinary trip. The best things about this trip were the nature, activities, sites, and the people. This was an awesome trip and I hope to come back again!'

First Beach Trip
Tina S - Clinton, SC

This was my kids first trip to the beach.

Fun with our Dogs at HHI
Dolly U - Mocksville, NC

We always love vacationing at HHI. We have 2 dogs that just love the Island as much as we do. When we visit we feel like we're on a 'fantasy island'. There is so much beauty to enjoy plus wonderful dining experiences along with beautiful beaches to simply walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We love being able to take our dogs with us to enjoy the visits. Our
granddaughters, from NY State, grew up experiencing the beauty of HHI and have great memories of vacations with us.

I always ask my friends if they have experienced the beauty of HHI.. when they say 'no'... I immediately ask them to plan their next vacation for HHI. There are wonderful places to stay that are very reasonably priced. Most of all... the beauty of the Island is unlike any other resort. It is truly an unforgettable vacation experience!

Kids Like Us
Art K - Cornelius, NC

It's hard to put into words the feelings we get when we arrive on Hilton Head Island. The smell of the salt air, the beautiful beaches and the glorious Atlantic take us back to when we were kids. In our youth we built castles in the sand, tanned in the sun, and frolicked in the waves. Our first trip as newlyweds was to the seaahore. That was almost 35 years ago. As you can see, we are no longer kids. But the sights, smells and feelings we get when we return to the Island bring us back to those reminiscences.

The amenities of your gated community (we've stayed at Villamare) make feel safe and secure. Views from our oceanfront condo takes in the property which is always immaculate. If the weather is inclement we can use the indoor pool, hot tub and exercise facility. Stress and worry are left far behind.

Our tastes now include having a fabulous dinner while listening to the coolest live music on the Island at The Jazz Corner. Other nights we sample the local low country fare at Crazy Crab, Kingfisher's, or Bonefish Grill. For a change of pace we go to Hinchey's Chicago Bar & Grill or sample Italian food at Giuseppi's.

The excellent staff never disappoint us with recommendations and friendliness. Thank you, Paul.

Everything from the ambience tot he wonderful condos make us know that everything is done for Kids Like Us.

Perfect Beginnings
Dianne H - Springfield, OH

We love to go out as a family with the sun coming up to walk the beach and watch our son skim board on the surf. The thrill of catching sight of dolphins never seems to get old. It's a great time to plan which yummy place to eat or what activities we all want to do.

We discovered Hilton Head Island for the first time in June, 2010 and have been back every vacation since.

I can't wait to share this wonderful place with friends and someday the next generation of our family.

Robert E - North Easton, MA

oved playing tennis and relaxing on the beach.
Also met a lot of very nice people.

The Beach Trip
Eddie L - Barberton, OH

My first trip to HHI was in Sept. of 2006 provided by my Brother. It was a very peaceful week but not enough time to discover everything. We returned in Sept of 2007 for 2 weeks and really enjoyed the laid-back beach experience.

In 2009 I decided to try driving myself. This is not an easy task for me because I have health issues. I can't tell you how happy and amazed I was to make it by myself. I absolutely love the flat beaches and wonderful restaurants. It is like a world unto itself. My favorite activity was to ride the bike on the beaches and of course swimming in the ocean to cool down.

Thank you HHI for the wonderful memories.

Day at the beach with the boys
Charlie S - Hilton Head Island, SC

My wife had to go out of town and I was in charge of Cameron, (19 months old) and Mack (7 years old). What a better way to spend the day but on one of Hilton Heads wonderful white sandy beaches.

Cameron was loving going in to the wading pools and getting all the spartina grass that had washed up from the high tide. Mack was always being the protective older brother, and even taught Cam how to catch a fiddler crab. With lots of sunscreen applied all day, the boys and I enjoyed PBJ''''s and grapes for lunch with juice boxes. I felt like I was 5 again like when I grew up here 35 years ago. It was one of the most wonderful days that I have had, Deep inside I felt the pure joy of having two wonderful sons who will always look up to me as their DAD....

Charlie Schroeder
Hilton Head Islander 38 years....
our staycation......

Jens R - Lexington, KY

We had this nice home that we shared with friends...we biked to the beach everyday which was really a nice break from everyday busy life...very nice bike paths on the island...also a nice forest preserve that you could do your tour in the had a lot of fun doing canoeing and watching dolphins...also the alligator sights were very unforgettable!

Gregg Russell
Erin S - Fort Mitchell, KY

My family's favorite memory of our vacation was the night we watched Gregg Russell play under the tree! We watch him every summer and it is always a great time!

Hilton Head was a great surprise!
Jim F - Nisswa, MN

Stopped at Hilton Head after our regular 2 week stay down on Sanibel Island and could not believe how great a place HHI was. Can't wait to get back there and play some golf in the area.

Lights Out
Georgia Leggett - Summerville, SC

We traveled late at night from getting off work. We were so excited that we hadn't eaten any dinner. As we arrived into town I was so disappointed to see most of the lights were out in the places to eat. I got out of the car to see what time they opened the next morning. I walked up to the picture window and peered into the glass. Much to my surprise someone looked back at me! We found out that the diners were not closed but were observing the no lights on that attract the sea turtles coming in and getting killed on the roads. I was so embarrassed.

Joy for the Children
Audrea N - Kingsport, TN

My children 8 and 6 were outside our room fishing in the lagoon. My daughter runs in screaming 'He got it, he got it. He got a fish. HURRY'
My son caught his very first fish on his own reel all by himself using bacon. They fished and caught turtles too using leftover bacon.

An Electrifying Experience
Malcolm B - Simpsonville, SC

For thirty-six years, we have made beautiful Hilton Head our choice vacation spot. In April 2012, my wife and I and two Canadian friends stayed at Villamare village in the pristine and luscious Palmetto Dunes, where we could stroll on the beach or around the villages. As always, our vacation was very relaxing, most enjoyable and uneventful until our second to last evening.

We arrived back at the condominium, clicked the light switch and the light flashed. We checked the circuit breakers and although some condo lights were on, ours were out. We called the Rental office fearing that at 5:50 pm on a Friday we would be without power. Within a very short time, an electrician arrived and pronounced that he thought it was a job for the local electricity board, as the characteristics suggested that it was the transformer for the whole block, which was at fault.

Three stories below our balconies a building nestled, hidden in the beautiful semi tropical vegetation; this was where the faulty transformer lived. Within an hour, the electricity board had arrived with a truck holding a new transformer and a crane. This looked very interesting; we loaded up with snacks and wine, and took up observation positions on our balconies as day light faded into nighttime.

From our location, we were able to hear the maintenance workers chatting sufficiently well to get the drift of the conversations. The truck driver felt that the transformer was too heavy for the crane located on the back of his truck because the long reach of the crane to get over the transformer would tip the truck over. While this discussion was taking place, the transformer roof was removed and temporary lighting installed to enable the crew to see what they were doing. Meanwhile we celebrated.

The truck driver won the verbal battle and all went quiet, while the crew ordered a new vehicle with a bigger crane. Meanwhile they used the smaller crane to pull up the vegetation with the roots intact around the transformer housing. The new vehicle arrived and we celebrated. Over the next few hours, the faulty transformer was removed through the roof opening to the small truck, and we celebrated. The new transformer was put into place and we celebrated. Around 2:00 am, the lights came back on and we would have celebrated but I had fallen asleep.

Image 1 shows the work being undertaken

Next morning as image 2 shows, all was back to normal. Only people involved and observers such as us would know about the previous night’s excitement.

Thelma, my lovely wife of fifty-two years, has read this story and asks me who besides an Engineer would find this story either exciting or worthy of being written. I think it shows the degree to which all the Hilton Head parties, those directly involved with guests and those much more remote are prepared to take whatever steps are necessary make Hilton Head vacations very successful.

Malcolm Boswell
Professional Engineer

8 Times Is Not Enough!
Val H - Metamora, IL

Our trips to HHI started when our son got a job as a firefighter on HHI and we moved him out there in Nov 2010. Little did we know that our son's new job, would take us to our new paradise! We have visited 7 more times since we moved him, and each time are thrilled to be visiting him in a place with wonderful of course the beach! We absolutely love HHI!

Beach Walk
P K - Ontario, Canada

We always enjoy walking in the morning on Hilton Head Island.

One can always see Dolphins when the sea is calm.

Kim S - Bristol, VA

My husband and I were married on June 10th, his birthday is June 16th and father's day always falls really close to these two dates. We try to take our family vacation during this time and we fell in love with Hilton Head.

Last year we took our own bikes, 5 in our family and rode down the beach to Salty Dog from Coligny Plaza. Beautiful morning, but on the way back, a rain storm came and brought thunder and lightening. My husband insisted on going back down the beach instead of taking the bike paths. Have you ever tried to pedal in wet sand? I laughed so hard because we were peddling as fast as possible to get back to our villa before the lightening came down on the beach. Everyone on the beach was taking cover under their towels, pop tents, etc. and there we were peddling in the midst of the storm.

My kids say they will never forget the Hilton Head beach trip with the rain. Everytime we talk about it we laugh. Peddling in wet sand can really give you a work out and they really wanted to take it easy that day. To say the least, the sun came out within 2 hours and the day was beautiful again.

I'm trying to talk my husband into coming back this year with just the 2 of us for some quality spouse time, no kids, but still bringing the bikes. LOL!

Golden Moments at Hilton Head
Brenda U - Sevierville, TN

My Husband, myself and our Golden Retriever Maggie came to Hilton Head Island for four years on the straight in May. We have a wonderful time bringing our Goldie with us. She loves the beach and we love watching her on the beach. Because of financial reasons and because she had to have surgery on both back legs we have been unable to go the last three years. She is now better and we would love to take her back to Hilton Head at least one more time and play on the beach with her. She will be nine years old in October. It would be a wonderful gift for all of us.
Brenda U