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Family Vacations

When people think about Hilton Head Island they often know it as a family friendly place. The ideal spot to come year after year and make memories with your family, young and old.

My time in Hilton Head
Tina B - Greenwood, SC

We stayed at the Days Inn. Visited professional Golfer's College. Walked the beach several times a day, we also went sight seeing at The Shipyard and Harbour Town Golf courses.

Had a wonderful vacation and it would be wonderful to visit there again!

Our First Vacation to Hilton Head & We Were Hooked!!
Kathy B - Alpharetta, GA

Early in 2009, my daughter, Jennifer, suggested we take an 'all girl' vacation to HH. We decided to all meet in my home near Atlanta in September & drive together mother and Jennifer flew down from Buffalo to Atlanta and my other daughter, Amanda, drove from Decatur, AL. We jumped on the road & six hours later arrived at the beautiful resort of Sea Pines. I had pre-ordered groceries so we had our first glass of wine with shrimp.

The area was breathtaking from watching the dolphins swim in the channel to taking morning walks on the clean, very wide sandy beach. Nearby was shopping, great food, music in the evenings, and our every wish seemed to be fulfilled. The weather was perfect and everyone we met was so friendly. HH officially became the destination for our 'all girl' vacations and we have been back every year since staying in a different area each time. I highly recommend it to is PARADISE!

The bad, the good and the best
Laurie W - Yorkville, IL

In 2008 my family came to Hilton Head. At the time my daughter discovered that she was newly pregnant and unfortunately miscarried at the Hilton Head hospital. Not one of my finest memories of Hilton Head to say the least.

Come June of the following year, we came back, a little apprehensive and with heavy hearts. We were determined to not let previous memories shadow all of the memories of great family times we have had here.

Come June 25, she was married on the white beach at the Westin Resort with her sister and our only granddaughter from Arizona in attendance. Now that was a beautiful memory for sure, the entire family together, on vacation for the first time ever.

My youngest daughter did become pregnant again shortly after that and in June 2011 we came back to Hilton Head with her one year old son, Jacob in tow, to enjoy the warm ocean water.

We would love to come back in 2013 to bring 3 year old Jacob and his new little brother, Landon, back to the place where his parents were married. Hilton Head will always be the place I think of when remembering, 'My Family Vacation.'

Look at Me Mom!
Jen A - Zanesville, OH

We have been going to HHI for family vacations for many years and have always loved it! We made a mini vacation out of a fall HHI beach wedding in 2009. Our youngest daughter at the time was 1 1/2. She always loved for my husband to toss her up in his arms. With the beautiful blue sky behind her, I got my camera out, and just as I was about to snap the photo, she happened to look over as if it say 'Look at me, mom!' The big smile on her face shows how much fun she was having at that moment!

Passing the Torch
Karen W - Washington, IL

I grew up vacationing on Hilton Head Island at least 2 times a year. We would always go to HHI over spring break and 4th of July.

We still vacation there now that I'm all grown up with a child of my own. We even enjoy Thanksgiving on the beach (literally) now. I enjoy passing the torch on to my new daughter Hazel Ann. She took her 1st trip to HHI when she was 3 month old!

Palmetto Dunes
Amy S - Buffalo, NY

This was the first time we had been to Hilton Head. People had raved to us about how wonderful of a place it was. I could not imagine all the "fuss". Well after just one day, we were sold on what my husband calls our favorite place to be. Half way through a vacation we are usually ready to get back home, not so here. We actually said we could move there. We had a great time riding bikes, seeing all the sea creatures - shark included - and spending quality family time. While the weather was in the low 70s it did not mater. The tides, the moon and the entire Island were a joy to be at. I can't wait to get back to the island. The family atmosphere makes it such a great place to regroup and put all the things that matter in order - family...

Making Memories with the Grandsons
Julie M - The Villages, FL

Russ and I have been coming to Hilton Head for over 18 years. This was the first time the grandsons could come with us! Our crabbing trip with Jason and Derek was the best fun of the week. What a wonderful memory!!! They had so much fun we are booked for May 2013 and can't wait for more great times.

Wife's Birthday
Dan P - Beamsville, Ontario

One of the best vacations we have experienced as a family. We spent a week with my wife, our son and daughter in law celebrating my wife's 60th birthday.

We had a daily early tee off each morning at a near by course, and were finished by 11am or so. After a good breakfast we spent the afternoon either on the beach or by the pool. Each evening we had some of the best dinners while watching the sun go down at many of the fine restaurants in Hilton Head.

We plan to spend a month there this coming March. Can't wait to get back.

Dan & Anne P

Hilton Head Laughs, Love and Smiles
John Paul W - Wilmore, KY

Driving south on I95 the anxiety begins to bubble. The long, tiring van ride from Kentucky fizzles and chatter and happiness emerge from 4 lethargic kids like bear cubs waking from their long winters nap. The 30 mile hike to the island is the most energetic of the trip. Finally, the bridge! Broad Creek! The Calibogue Sound! The oak trees! The Spanish Moss! MY HOME AWAY FROM HOME! Hilton Head Island. The ONLY place I would consider moving my family.

An Accidental Vacation
Rebecca R - Gibsonia, PA

Our family set out from Pittsburgh, PA and picked up our cousin in Blacksburg, VA and Grandmother in Statesboro, GA along the way to a vacation on Myrtle Beach. When we arrived, we found that the 'Deluxe' accommocations that we were promised were nothing close to deluxe! A one bedroom efficiency above the motel office with limited views of the ocean and a salt water pool to boot! My father was quite upset that he didn't get what he paid for. After a phone call to a business aquaintance, he was offered a 3 bedroom townhome in Surf Court on Hilton Head Island. My Dad had first traveled to HHI in the 1950's and used to drive right onto the beach to picnic. After a night in Myrtle, we drove the remaining way to HHI and enjoyed our visit so much that every summer for the next 8 were spent on HHI...many of them staying right at Surf Court Villas.

I spent two years vacationing there with my future husband in 1992 and 1993 and we introduced our children to HHI in 2007 when my brother had his second wedding on the beach in Palmetto Dunes. While HHI is a bit more developed that it was in 1974, it still retains the natural beauty and charm it always had! Thanks to our experience, whenever anyone from the North asks me 'Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head?' the answer is clear...HHI. I am glad we had that bad experience at Myrtle Beach all those years ago or we might have missed out on years of memories!

Family Fun!
Trisha D - Acworth, GA

We were invited to a wedding and it was just beautiful, but we had more fun as a family together!

We usually vacation on Amelia Island, but we may rethink our plans next time!!

Oasis by the Sea
Jeffrey K - New Albany, OH

My three children holding hands on the beach is what I will always remember. It was one of the last times that our family spent our vacation together at the beach. It was our first time to HHI, and we were not disappointed. It was our little oasis by the sea from all the noise in our lives at that time. No work, no sports, no cleaning, no running errands, no chaos to take us over. We spent all the time together as a family. Remembering how to have fun without the need to be plugged into something electronic. White beaches, clear ocean water, sand castles, frisbee, football in the shallows, wake boarding, riding our bikes on the beach, taking the helm of a three mast schooner, walking down the street holding hands, and all the time laughing our heads off.

We spent a nght having our family portrait taken at the beach. One of the best things we ever did in our lives. It is still on on our wall reminding me of the time that for my family we were together and had so much fun. I only have to close my eyes and I can feel the sun on my face, the sand between my toes, smell the ocean on the breeze, and most of all hear my kids having the times of their lives. Now that the kids are grown up and we have so many of those distractions leading us in every direction all the time, I will look up at that portrait and remember when for a brief week we were truly at our oasis by the sea.

Evian Villa Delight in Shipyard
Patti B - West Hartford, CT

We have stayed in Evian at Shipyard for many years. We enjoy the relaxed and comfortable ambience of the Evian Villas with the proximity to beach, pool, tennis and walking. These villas are nicely appointed with many conveniences for family and friends. Location on Hilton Head is perfect for everything

Hilton Head
Linda M - Tallmadge, OH

We loved everything. The restaurants, the food was so great. Harbour Town was great. Loved Steamers and looking at all the boats. Murphy's is a great Irish Bar. Stellini's had great pasta.I could go on and on. Loved all of Hilton Head. Last year my daughter and her husband went with us and we had a blast. Would love to go again.

The Whole Family Vacations
Claire P - Atlanta, GA

It has been difficult taking a vacation and leaving our Golden Retriever behind as she adores being with us. We learned that Hilton Head welcomes canines on the beach before 10:00 AM and after 5:00 PM. Since our dog loves the water we thought this would be a great time for her to have her very first vacation. She saw the foam at the edge of the water and put her toe (paw) in and ran away. We watched as she continued this and retreated each time. The next visit (same day) she ran directly into the water and ran through the waves. We all loved our vacation. Sammi felt so special eating on the outside deck of Redfish as we dined there!

Those Were The Days My Friend
Kathi T - Shickshinny, PA

And I thought they would never end. In fact they have gotten better. We took a trip to Hilton Head when my youngest was only 2. We had such a blast, she got to see her first seagull. In fact we were feeding them crackers we had that went stale. We discovered she was trying to hid, thinking she was afraid of them. She wasn't afraid of them, she was eating the crackers. Our family is very close and supportive of each other and as the years go by we are closer then ever.

Great Time for All of Us
Kristi G - Rome, GA

We had a really relaxing time at Hilton Head. There was something for all of us, but it was just so nice to be able to relax and enjoy each other.

Is She Really Getting Married?
Terry B - Loveland, OH

It's hard to believe that my firstborn daughter is getting married on August 25th. We love to travel together and we especially love the beach. When she turned 30 two years ago, we took a trip to Maui to celebrate. Last month, on a whim, we decided to take one last beach vacation together before she got married.

I called to book a place in Hilton Head and we drove down together. We experienced a tire exploding on our car from a semi and an RV engulfed in films on the expressway on the way down. But once we got to the beach - it was total relaxation. Hot, sunny days for 6 days straight - long walks, bike rides, swimming, laying on the beach, grilling out, shopping, laughing and talking.

It doesn't get much better than this. We made some special memories that week and now I must let her go....

Was I Dreaming
Beverly W - Finleyville, PA

This is the last vacation with my kids before going off to college and with my grandkids that will be replacing them. I love Hilton Head, it is so beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable.

I Love HHI
Karen H - Johnstown, PA

We visit friends made over the years. We make sure we make it to Hudsons. Walk the beach. Sit at the Tiki Hut. Try different restaurants. Just chill and relax.

Good friends, fine food and drink.

Home Away From Home
Amy T - Jonesborough, TN

My husband, son and I had the opportunity to stay during the winter months in Hilton Head. Hilton Head is truly like a home away from home. We were very blessed to get involved with a local church during our stay. We met some very special friends, who in return were like family. The whole Island welcomed us with open arms. We looked forward to coming back often even if it is just for a short stay to get to pop in and see everyone and enjoy all the wonderful food.

Just what the doctor ordered!
Nancy P - Halifax, MA

My husband and I have been struggling with infertility issues for over two years. After 5 failed IVF rounds and 3 early miscarriages, a vacation is just what we needed to keep our sanity.

Due to the costs of our situation, we couldn't afford to take an extravagant vacation, we just wanted to be on the beach for some relaxation.

Hilton Head was a perfect spot for us! We invited my brother, his wife and their two small children. We all drove down together and stayed in a two bedroom condo at the Hilton Head Resort. We had such a great time relaxing at the beach, hanging out by the pool, and playinig mini-golf. My husband and I even took a nice day trip to Savannah to walk around and have lunch.

This trip meant so much to us and really helped us get through the school year (I'm a kindergarten teacher). We will be beginning our next round of treatments in two weeks and our fingers are crossed that we will be able to return soon with our children.

Hilton Head is a perfect family spot!

Watching Them Grow Up!
Jim H - Knoxville, TN

Each summer for the past several years, I have taken my three kids plus one friend of theirs each, to Hilton Head. As a single dad, I find this time especially precious to me as I get to build our individual relationships and also as a family unit. Six kids and me! Each year, people say I am crazy, but I would not trade this time for anything! Our lives are so hectic, now with camps, church trips, etc., that Hilton Head has become our timeout on life, and I am so thankful for coming here.

One thing we always do is at the end of the week, we review the things we have done, whether it be tennis camp, adventures we have gone on, etc. and finally we build a pyramid on the beach and get some bystander to take pictures. Sometimes, a small crowd develops just to watch this event! Now that they are all teenagers and my time with them is slipping away, I got really emotional when I reviewed the pyramid pictures from each year. Man, have they grown fast! Where did the time go?

No matter where you live, what you do, or how much/little you earn, you cannot overestimate the value of spending time with your family at Hilton Head! There is just something special about getting ice cream at Harbor Town, riding bikes on the paths, throwing them into the ocean, and just sitting and talking with them on the beach. Life during that week becomes peaceful, fun, and inspiring again. As I think about this time yet again, I can't help but look forward to next year and future years when we again will be reminded of just how special Hilton Head Island has become to our little family!

Paradise Found
Pam F - Lafayette, IN

In 2009 my husband and I spent a week in September and were captivated by the combination of moss and southern charm with the sand and palms. The ambiance is unmatched by any beaches we have encountered throughout the world. Beautiful clean white sand is amazing. So, in 2010 we took our grown children and their families back. We rented a 4 bed/bath beach house. They were amazed at how beautiful the area was and we had a blast.

That experience has now become the first of 3 annual family vacations. We've tried other beaches the last 2 years but none compare. I hope we can come back to Hilton Head in the next year or two. Winning this contest would be a blessing so that I could show my newest grandchildren the island! If my grandchildren were not here, I would retire there for sure.

Graduation Celebration
David K - Powell, OH

Our daughter recently graduated from optometry college and we wanted to have a family vacation before she moved away. We had a glorious time taking her, her husband, and her sister to Sea Pines for a week. They experienced all the joys Hilton Head has to offer: kayaking, paddle boarding, South Beach, the Salty Dog, ice cream at sunset in Harbour Town, miniature golf, a round at Palmetto Dunes, and their favorite - riding bicycles all around the development.

Truly a vacation to remember, we are already planning a return next year.

Family Memories
Elizabeth B - Madison AL

We went to Hilton Head as an extended family. Our 5 year old, 22 year old, her husband and one year old, our oldest 23 year old daughter and her year old baby. It was so exciting for our grandchildren to see the beach for the first time. We stayed at a resort where we went crabbing for the first time. We roasted smores by the bay. We swam in the pool and all loved the water slide.

We took a dolphin cruises and saw dolphins and very expensive homes. We had fun dining out. We cooked in our condo. We went to the beach and loved playing, walking and swimming in the ocean. This was a very memorable 7 days. We had fun. The resort offered many activities for our 5 year old and she still talks about our famous family vacation.

We rode bikes and saw a beautiful Island. My son in laws loves to golf and was in heaven. There is something for everyone and it is so laid back. We went to Lawton Stables for our 5 year old to ride horses and pet a deer it was amazing to see a deer walk right up to you and want to be petted and fed from your hand. Loved Harbor Town it was fun and had great music. It is a real family oriented area.

Petula Clark was popular!
Ellen C - Miamisburg, OH

When I was young my family and I vacationed on Hilton Head, Sea Pines Plantation.

Most memorable is when our grandmother went with us and we bought fish at the outdoor market. There was a restaurant with a Pirate theme and if we ate everything on our plate we could choose a prize out of the pirate chest. One year my family's friends and their children went at the same time. Funny part, was when their children would wear sneakers into the ocean. They didn't like their toes in the sand!

So many great memories. Love to go back with my grandchildren!

Another year in Paradise
Melissa L - Gainesville, VA

My three girls and I rented a villa in Evian this year. It was special to me because my parents and I owned an Evian Villa when I was a kid. It felt like home to me, and my girls got a kick out of the old stories I told! I have traveled to Hilton Head now for 32 years straight. Never missing a summer/spring. My girls love the tradition and I plan on retiring there when the girls are all grown.

Hilton Head Bliss
John C - Louisville, KY

Extremely easy rental process. When we arrived the scenery was awesome and access to the Beach was quick (60 seconds).

We will go back next year for sure!

Christmon Family Vacation
Christine C - Cincinnati, OH

Hilton Head has been the best vacation we will ever know. For the past seven years we have been coming down to relax and have our children enjoy what this life has to offer.

Each day our family got a chance to wake up in a beautiful home, and swim in your picture perfect island. Everyone on the island was so helpful, and very very nice. Every morning we either walked the beach to look for shells, see the ocean life, or even watch the sun rise.

Our family works so hard during the year just to save up to be able to enjoy this little piece of paridise.

Scott and Christine Christmon

Bradley Beach Bums
Annette H - Aurora, IL

Our group family vacation to Hilton Head started out kind of funky. Flying down from Chicago our flight was delayed for hours. Then the next day, half of the family came down with strep (thankfully their local minute clinic got us on the mend), we locked the keys in the car (called a locksmith),and we set off the fire alarm to the house we stayed at- all in 2 days!

But Hilton Head has a way of erasing all the bad mojo. Our morning bike rides down the beach, and our romps in the ocean and playtime on the beach brought us back into vacation mode. The kids loved surfing and chasing the seagulls and throwing the frisbee at the beach.

Our afternoons were filled with lunch from the grill, water fights in the pool, catching up on a good book and the occasional siesta! And as tradition we would end our day by getting a scoop (or 2 or 3!) of ice cream from Hilton Head Ice Cream and people watching on the beach. We even found time before we left to go to the Coastal Discovery Museum to learn about HHI and sat on a piece of a rocket that washed ashore in 2010 (NASA did not want it back- how cool!)

It just goes to show that no matter what happens in Hilton Head, a visit to the island will leave you with nothing but great memories. We would not change a minute of it! Well maybe the keys locked in the car part- ha!

Last Trip Before Kids
Barney B - Fuquay-Varina, NC

My wife and I went to Hilton Head for the first time with my parents in February of 2004. It was our first time visiting Hilton Head and my wife was pregnant with our oldest son. It was actually a golf package trip and my dad and I got to spend some quality time together and the weather was perfect! We hope to make a return visit soon!

Family Vacation
Matt C - Lexington KY

My wife & I have both been coming to HHI nearly all our lives. Both of us came as kids with our parents and now we have continued the tradition with our kids. We now have 2 girls of our own. One is 2 & the other is now 8 months old. The 2 year old has already been to HHI 4 times! This was the youngest daughter's first trip and we all had a great time.

We love HHI b/c of the food, fun & it is a very easy drive from KY. We are already looking forward to returning next year!

Total Relaxation
Mario C - Rochester, NY

Coming back to Hilton Head after 12 years brought back wonderful memories. Our 15 yr. old was only 3 last time we visited and even she had some memory of it. As in the past Hilton Head offers total relaxation, great food, a wonderful beach, and good memories - All at an affordable price.

First Family Vacation
Joe P - Knoxville, TN

This was a most special trip for myself because this was the first of many years to come for our family. My wife of now four years , my sister , brother in law , and 11 month old nephew had our first family vacation together in Hilton Head.

The rental company’s customer service was awesome and I appreciate them in helping me find the perfect beach villa for us. There is no doubt we will be using them for many years to come and my family and I had the perfect time. Thank you to all of the staff for helping make this the most memorable experience we could have ever asked for and we can''t wait to get back next year!