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Family Vacations

Whether it is extended family or friends that are just like family, Hilton Head is an wonderful place to get together and remember good times and make new memories.

Memories Made Together
Laura B - Huron, OH

Every year over Easter break we ( all 20 of us) head for Hilton Head Island!

We have a very large family (my mother and her 4 brothers and sisters and their children). We are very close.. it just seems as we all get older we lead busier lives. But one thing we always make time for is our family! Whether we are working over seas or away at college all 20 of us make it to HHI to spend a week relaxing on the beach or biking to Coligny for shopping or grabbing a bite to eat!

We always rent a large home and although while we are down there we don't do all our activities together we always meet up to eat dinner together as a family at our rental. What a great family vacation destination.

We keep coming back because HHI is clean and very family oriented. We have been coming for years and now that I am married with my own children we are instilling in them memories of a great place shared with family that they will have forever.

Sandra B - Seneca, SC

I have vacationed in HHI for over 33 years. This year we rented a condo, brought my 34 year old daughter and invited a high school chum (I'm from NY) and her husband. They had never been to HHI. It was to celebrate our 60th birthdays.

I have a warped sense of humor and my husband returned home from work and I had threatened to dye my hair punk pink (refusing to get old) I had to wear a hat for the stay because I looked so hideous and I got to see an old friend who has retired from NY that I had met on the island 25 years ago and now lives on the island and we walked the same beach 25 years later remembering the good old days and laughing at how we had changed, but hadn't changed.

My friend from NY who shared the condo with us got a '60' tattoo and a feather in her hair and fortunately I am lucky enough to have a husband that trusts me enough to not mind me walking the beach alone with a man and remember the good old days. The smells of the island were still the same. Food was great, daughter had a wonderful kayaking trip, my husband used to work on the island as well. It was a homecoming had by all.

My daughter played on that beach from the time she was two years old. I think you either love the waterway side of the island or the ocean side.

Me, it's the ocean side, early morning watching the shrimp boats. I now have a lovely shell given to me by a total stranger and a huge pine cone sitting on my fire place mantle as reminders of the wonderful week.

If we ever get to retire that is where I want it to be.

P.S. I gave a convenience store clerk a laugh when I finally pulled my hat off and explained the circumstances to the pink hair.

The Herrles go on vacation
Alicia H - Maple Heights, OH

Every year husband and I and our family of three girls go on vacation with his family the Herrle's. There is my in-laws, his sister, her husband their two girls, sometimes his sister and her boy, and his brother. It is always memorable!

During the day the kids play in the sand at the beach, collecting shells and finding new animals.
After the kids go to bed the parents play! We get kinda loud and carried away with all our fun! Almost every year my father in law decides we are too loud and sleeps on the floor in the bathroom! But like a champ he gets up and does it again the next year!

Spending time with my in laws means a lot to me and my kids! They have been there for us through the loss of our second daughter and will always be there to support us in our adventures!

Here's to many more vacations with the Herrles!

Sea Creatures of Hilton Head
Josh H - Geneva, IL

My family and I always hold our family reunion/vacation at Hilton Head Island every summer. This year we had a good group of us (about 16) and we all stayed at Seascape in different villas. My favorite memory was on the night of the 4th of July where we were lucky enough to see a mothering sea turtle crawl back into the ocean after laying her eggs! It was a very memorable experience for the whole family and made the 4th of July very special for us. We always make our own t shirts too, with a little slogan for wherever were staying at. This year was 'Escape to Seascape'. It was our best vacation yet in 6 years!

We also went kayaking and got to paddle an oars length away from dolphins! We could tell where they were underwater because the little fish would jump up where the dolphin was swimming. A truly awesome experience.

Four Generations Celebrate
Nicki V - Cincinnati, OH

We had a week of special events that included crazy hat day, go fly a kite, charades night, kids cook dinner night and the always famous great american seafood night.

Memories are always made in Hilton Head. Sea Pines was a great location this year and my mother, kids and grandkids all enjoyed our special time.

Family Memories
Sherry W - Hiram, GA

This year at Hilton Head was very special. We went with my Mother and father in law. They were able to bring my two nephews visiting from Pheonix, Az. The trip was special because the boys enjoyed spending time together. We hope to do it again real soon!

Doesn't get better than this!
Amber H - Marietta, GA

For the 25th year, my husband's family made the annual trek to HHI, in July of 2012. This island has been a special place for their family and for the last 12 years has become my favorite place to spend time with the family. We love our time on the island each year- what a very special place! Our love for the island has grown, as well as our family- here are two of the 5 (almost 6) grands (my two daughters) sharing an unsolicited sweet moment on the beach one evening while there.

Girls Weekend
Pam J - Tazewell, VA

A group of 6 friends were all invited to stay for a long weekend in a condo with one of our friends. It was wonderful! This was the first time that I had been to Hilton Head and I just loved the beach, area sites, and of course we loved the seafood restaurants. We had a great time, made some wonderful memories, and even made plans to make this a yearly trip.

Since then I decided to take my family there for our summer vacation and as a matter of fact we leave in just a few days. I can't wait to share this very special place with them!

Girls Week Out
Mimi V - Lincoln, NE

The females in my family decided five years ago that we would celebrate life together for a week in Hilton Head. So far we've toasted to an MBA, a new baby, a new home, a new job and a retirement. We arrive in Hilton Head with books, yoga mats, and the knowledge we will have a wonderful time.

Mansion with a pool
Kary B - Springboro, OH

My grandmother had recently passed away and left my mom some money. So in honor of her, my parents used that to rent a house in HHI for a week for the whole family (Me and my fam and my sister and her fam).

The four kids all under 10 at the time, still call it the vacation where we lived in a mansion with a pool :) We had a great time ALL staying at a very nice house with our own private pool about 2 minutes from the beach. We swam, swam, swam, ate at our favorite places, and enjoyed the beach. It was a vacation we will never forget.

Cheers to my grandma for that vacation! :)

Girls Week
Keitha G - Mechanicsburg, OH

Myself and 6 other ladies left the kids and husbands at home and spent a week in Hilton Head. Our ages range from 39-54. We spent most of our time jumping in the waves and acting like teenagers. We didn't have to clean up after anyone and I couldn't have had a more restful, fun, rejuvenating vacation. We plan on doing it again as soon as possible!

Mother/Daughter Spring Break
Patricia M - Salem, SC

3 mothers and 3 daughters spent the week with each other on the girls final spring break of high school. All three girls were cheerleaders together for 4 years in high school and are best friends. All 3 girls will be going away to different colleges in the fall, and we wanted to have great memories to hold onto until we can do this again.

We will plan another mother/daughter vacation together in 5 years. Can't wait to see how all the girls plans have turned out!