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Family Vacations

From engagements to weddings to anniversaries Hilton Head Island always leads to love in the air!

Memories to Last a Lifetime
Rebecca N - Scottsdale, AZ

My family and I have been vacationing in Hilton Head for as long as I can remember. So, when it came time for me to begin a family of my own the decision to get married on Hilton Head Island was an easy one for my future husband, family and I.

The trip started with dining at our favorite local restaurants, plenty of golf and walks on the beach with the dogs. All of our family and close friends shared the beauty of the island with us. On May 29, 2010 we were married beach front. I have many fond childhood memories of Hilton Head and now my family and I have a memory to last a lifetime.

When Your Dreams Become Reality
Brittany D - Madisonville KY

I had the wonderful privilege to live on Hilton Head Island for 8 weeks. I am in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in southern Indiana and was placed on the Island to do my first clinical rotation. That in itself was a dream come true. I met and worked with so many wonderful people that I will not forget. I have tons of memories I made while I was there that I will always keep close to my heart. For example, I rode my bike over 32 miles all around the Island one Saturday, I went to the beach numerous times, there was certainly tons of shopping and eating the many delicious restaurants that occurred, and I enjoyed morning runs down the beach.

However, my ultimate favorite memory I have from my stay on the Island is that my boyfriend flew to see me about 4 weeks into my stay and proposed to me on the beach at sunset!

To make the story short he had given a random lady on the beach that was watching her children play in the ocean a camera to take (what I thought) was a everyday 'couple' picture. After we took a couple normal pictures he grabbed my hand, got down on one knee, and proposed! The lady continued to take pictures of the proposal. The pictures captured the moment beautifully that I will forever cherish. It was perfect! So not only did I get a true taste of my dream career I have been working towards for years but I now am engaged to my best friend and the love of my life! Hilton Head Island will now and forever have a special place in my heart!

Emily B - Eton, GA

My husband and I were married on Hilton Head Island 10 years ago last April. We LOVE Sea Pines and biking. We love Harbour Town and eating under the lighthouse at sunset. It will always be a place dear to our heart. :)

Our wedding!
Nicole H - Brooklyn, NY

Hilton Head Island will always remain a special place for us as that is where we got married in 2006.

We chose the area because both of us had grown up coming there as children and young adults having had such fond memories...and of course because of the beauty of the island. We had over 125 of our family and friends spend a week on the island before our wedding and it was one of the most fun and memorable weeks of our lives!

We haven't been back since our wedding because of various moves and two children, but we would love the opportunity to visit again!!

Honeymoon Memories
Doreen K - Dallas, GA

Cannot go into detail because we spent our honeymoon there. BUT we loved everything about Hilton Head, what a wonderful place to begin the rest of your life together.

Many More Happy Years To Come!
Laura J - Asheville, NC

The best vacation was our wedding last year of May 2011. We celebrated with our close family and friends and got married on the beach. Since then, we are continuing the tradition of having yearly family vacations in Hilton Head all because of our wonderful wedding last year.

Hilton Head is such a beautiful place with hospitable people and delicious food! We especially love seafood and cajun cuisine! We have shared many memories and happy times in Hilton Head. I have been visiting since I was a kid and now my husband and I can enjoy it. We plan to take out future kids here along with our families for many years to come!

Happiest Day of my Life
Cassie M - Covington, KY

My husband proposed to me on the beach in Hilton Head in August of 2010, so of course we got married there as well. The happiest day of my life was my wedding day, September 24, 2011, on the beach at Hilton Head Island. We spent two weeks there, one week before the wedding and we stayed for our honeymoon for the week after. The weather was perfect, the ceremony was right at sunset, such beautiful scenery. Many of our guests were first-timers to HHI, and many have returned and want to return since they had such an awesome time at our wedding.

My husband and I have been vacationing to HHI for 5 years now, we love the place so much we are considering moving there. We will be there for Labor Day weekend this year, with our son. We can't wait to make the first beach experience for our 7 month old son at Hilton Head; we actually talk about it every day. Regardless of whether or not we win a free vacation, we will still be returing to HHI for many years to come, and always looking forward to it.

10th Wedding Anniversary
Chad M - Bluffton, SC

A surprise vow renewal ceremony for our 10th anniversary. Organized, planned and executed by me without my wife knowing anything until 3 weeks before date.

More than 30 close family and friends came from PA, VA, MD, FL & SC. Some relatives in their 80s made the trip! We rented 2 beach houses, had Celebration Events cater 2 days of events including the re-newal wedding, Alan Palchak was the DJ and had massuse on Friday for weary, stiff travelers.

Ceremony on the beach, weather was perfect all weekend. Not too hot and no rain. We got blue crabs on Sunday for everyone...they were as big as I have ever seen since being in SC. The beach houses were great and kept everyone near by.

The ULTIMATE wife is big shark fan. Has walked the beach for years, here in SC and MD, NJ. On this near perfect weekend, she walked the beach early Sunday morning and found a SHARKS TOOTH. Sure you can buy them but she was so excited to look down among the shells and find that tooth.

That vacation weekend can never be duplicated even if we tried. The weather, the people, the atmosphere and the lasting memories. PERFECT.

Budget Honeymoon. Awesome Time
Kirstin T - Bear Creek, NC

My husband and I were married the evening of Saturday, September 26, 2009 as our friends and family looked on. Because of my husband's limited vacation time and also our extremely limited budget, we were unsure if we'd be able to actually go on a honeymoon. We had discussed this for the past year and decided we would probably just end up going to our local NC beach for the weekend. We both love the beach, so this quick getaway would be acceptable. Monday afternoon, following our Sat wedding, my husband finally came up with the idea of going to Hilton Head, SC. I had never been and he had not been there since he was young (with his grandfather who owned a time rental).

Online he quickly found us a very reasonable oceanfront room at the hotel at Coligny Beach. Then we were off. It took approximately 5 hours to get there. I was secretly worried what type of room had we booked, considering our lack of familiarity with the area and also our small budget. I was also wondering how much we would enjoy the beach, since it was not warm enough to get in the water. When we arrived at the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised. It was nice and clean, employees were friendly, and the oceanfront resort grounds were beautiful. We spent the next 3 days exploring the area. I loved it. There was a Tiki Bar and swimming pool that we frequented on the hotel grounds. There are also great restaurants and little shops within walking distance. One of our favorite restaurants was Skillets. We also ate at Giuseppe's Pizza (AWESOME PIZZA!), Nick's Steak & Seafood and The Grumpy Grouper. All of these places were great. The look and feel of Hilton Head and its businesses was very inviting and 'homey'. A third party in our hotel offered a timeshare tour. We went on the tour and got to see some of the great condos available in the neighboring areas. On our last day there, Thursday, we went to the Tanger Outlets. My husband bought me a beautiful bracelet there. When we left, that Thursday evening, it was bittersweet. I had a GREAT time and hated to leave the area. I was also happy that our honeymoon actually turned out great, despite our last minute preparations.

We posted our honeymoon pictures on Facebook and everyone also fell in love with Hilton Head. Hilton Head, SC will always have a place in mine and my husband's heart. Every time we see it mentioned on TV or hear about a vacation offering, it takes us back to that time. We can't wait to visit again - probably on our next wedding anniversary.

The Last Wedding...
Holly H - Charlotte, NC

My uncle Joe Hester, a beloved preacher from High Point, NC, married by husband and I on the 18th green of Harbor Town - and it was the last wedding he performed. Sadly, he died a few months afterwards to cancer, but my family's memory of this day was as if we were in a splendid dream.

Uncle Joe wrote a custom sermon just for us, I will never forget the small piece of white paper with his handwritten notes that he referred to, which he placed between the pages of his bible. The harbour sparkled, kayakers and geese floated happily in the waters, and I remember my knees shaking as my husband teared up. Afterwards, we laughed and danced to a 12 piece shag band, we ate and drank together...many of us for the last time. It was the most memorable and special day of my life.

We miss you Uncle Joe, Aunt Margie and Aunt Fay! I hope heaven is just like this wonderful time we had together.

Our Wedding
Ann L - Findlay, OH

My husband and I were married on one of Hilton Head's beautiful beaches. We had only been there once before, but were so taken with the area that we decided that was the place to tie the knot. We were married at 8:00AM on September 10, 2011. So it was 8-9-10-11. We can't wait to vacation there again!

Our Honeymoon
Shanna D - Port Allegany, PA

My new husband, Eric, and I went to Hilton Head this past June for our honeymoon. We had an incredible time having a simple vacation. We spent almost every morning soaking up the sun at the amazing beaches, and explored what the island had to offer. We played mini golf, went to the lighthouse, saw some birds on Pinckney Island, and took a dolphin cruise! My favorite memory of our time on Hilton Head was the first time we walked to the beach. Nearing the end of the walkway and seeing the ocean in the was priceless and romantic.

A beautiful, peaceful honeymoon was all we wanted, and we had it! Now we can start our lives together with warm memories of our time there

Happy Honeymoon Everafter
Steve K - Dayton, TN

My beautiful bride Sandy and I were married 8/9/80 32 years ago this week. We spent our honeymoon in Sea Pines back in the hot hot summer of 1980. We came back 2 yrs later for a 2nd honeymoon. Both of these times on the island would lay the ground work for what is now a yearly (if not more often) family tradition. We took a family vacation in roughly 2006 back to the island and now it''s THE ONLY place our kids, their spouses and their kids want to go on vacation....of course my wife and I also still consider this the only place to vacation. We would LOVE to retire to the area one day but till then we will continue to build family traditions and history on HHI!!!

FYI-the image I''ve uploaded is a ''lucky shot'' I took on our entire family return to HHI and have since had it framed and displayed several places and it is also my credit card image.

Beach Wedding
Virginia K - Fort Leavenworth, KS

On September 3rd 2011, my husband and I were married on the beach in Hilton Head. It has been a family tradition for the past 5 years that every Labor Day we spend the long weekend at Hilton Head enjoying the final days of summer. Great memories that we will never forget as a family!!!