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Family Vacations

Sometimes a visit to Hilton Head Island, SC leaves an indelible mark on you. For whatever reason that is special to you, HHI will always be a place of unforgettable memories.

Lost in the Sand
Patricia G - Rockaway Park, NY

Meeting and being greeted by the friendliest people on the face of the planet. The ocean and the sand was delicious and to top it all off it was pet friendly. The food was to die for and the walks on the beach at night, priceless!!!

Golf/Beach Paradise
Ralph R - Forked River, NJ

Jane and I visited for a long weekend in May of last year. I had been there several times with my former wife, but Jane had not had the privilege.

We had booked a condo in Sea Pines and thoroughly enjoyed every minutes of it. We squeezed in as much of what the island has to offer as possible - golf, beach, fishing and just plain relaxing.... as the Terminator says, 'We Will be Back'

Return to Childhood
Staci H - Dayton, OH

I have been coming to Hilton Head since 1979 when my grandparents lived on the island on Port Royal Plantation. My grandparents passed away and my family sold their home in 1989. The island is where I learned to swim, ate my first oyster and my first shrimp. Learned to hunt for sand dollars with my grandparents who I had such a short time with.

My daughter was born May 2010 and first put her toes in the sand August of that year. What an amazing experience it has been year after year bringing my daughter down to experience all that I did as a child and remembering the experience and watching her experience these things for the first time. Over the last two years she has collected her first seashells, learned to swim in the same pool that I did, ate her first shrimp, run the beach with her grandfather. She is making the memories that I have fondly thought of even after all of these years. What an amazing island.

Memories of Bill Spaid, Hilton Head and Dolphins
Kathy S - Uniontown, OH

Every year my late husband, Bill and I would pack our bikes, boogie boards and three small children in the van and travel to Hilton Head. As we made our way over the bridge onto to the Island, Bill opened the window and would yell out ''To the beach!!!''

As soon as we arrived, we would head straight to the beach. Bill jumped in immediately, without even unpacking the car. As I watched from shore, I saw others on the beach pointing excitedly at Bill. I will never forget seeing him surrounded by 5 Dolphins! Bill had this big smile on his face as we looked on in amazement as friendly dolphins swam circles around him.

This is a picture of Bill and our youngest Charlotte. She loved to be thrown in the pool. Children would line up just to have Bill toss them in the air.

Bill loved photography, he took this picture of our niece, Shelby flying a kite on the beach. It was one on the simple things we loved to do. Memories of Hilton Head and Bill that will last a lifetime.

Celebrating the 4th of July in Hilton Head
Linda B - Shelby, OH

We rented a home during the fourth of July week. I had always wanted to view fireworks over the water. My rental owners advised us to go to Harbour Town and watch them on the 18th hole of the golf course there. We followed their directions and took the shuttle from the plantation to Harbour Town. What a great night! We climbed the light house, watched the children's concert, let the grandkids get face painting and finished off the evening by watching a fantastic fireworks display! This is a vacation we will remember forever!

Hilton Head is a wonderful place to visit and we will return.

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
Wayne T - Durham, NC

My family has been vacationing on HHI since the mid 1980's. We were staying at Marriott's Heritage Club Christmas week 1989. We checked in the Saturday before Christmas just as it started to sleet. We quickly went to the Harris Teeter at Greenwood Circle and got some groceries. By the time we got back to our resort the ground was covered and the sleet had turned to snow. We had a nice view of the lighthouse from our unit but it snowed so hard we could not see the lighthouse. The next morning we walked around Harbour Town and were amazed at the snow covered boats, palm trees, and the red rocking chairs (I have pictures to prove it!). We never expected to have a white Christmas while vacationing on the island. Pushing a 1 year old in a stroller through the snow is not easy! The really nice thing was that by the end of the week the snow was gone and the golfers were back out on the courses. This was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have celebrated Christmas on HHI in other years but have yet to see snow again.

New Experiences and Double Rainbows
Shelly W - Crossville, TN

It had been eighteen LONG years since I had seen the ocean. I now had an eight year old son and an eight year old step-son whom had NEVER seen the ocean. Due to some fantastic clients and an even better Boss, we were offered a chance to stay in a beach house on beautiful Hilton Head Island for three glorious nights, free of charge.

I will never forget the faces of my children when they ran to the ocean and just stopped, taking it all in. The sight, the smell, the simple wonder of it all. They enjoyed many hours surfing the waves on boogie boards, collecting shells, marveling at the tiny crabs that scurried all over the sand. We got to witness three Army helicopters flying over the beach we happened to be standing on and we all waved at the soldiers as they flew overhead. (This gave me chillbumps).

The very last night of our stay at Hilton Head Island, (Palmetto Dunes, to be exact), we got to witness one of God''s promises, right outside our back door. I will attach a photo of this suprise, and also a photo of my boys, who will never forget their first glimpse at the beauty of the sea and the refreshing feelings it imposes.

Prom Date
Nancy B - Charlotte, NC

When I wasn't invited to my Senior Prom in high school, my parents planned a surprise trip to Hilton Head Island to cheer me up. It definitely did and now 25 years later, Hilton Head still holds a special place in my heart!

December in Hilton Head
Charles M - Tallahassee, FL

Charles M - Tallahassee, FL
It was early December, but the weather was warm during the day and chilly at nights. Our rental had a fireplace and it was definitely put to good use.

Because it is not the summer season, we seemed to have the Island to ourselves. We ate at great restaurants with no wait, good service, and great food.

We walked down to Harbor Town and there was a shop devoted to Christmas and Christmas tree ornaments. We walked along the beach with our jackets on before dinner and watched the sun set.

Beautiful scenery, great memories.

Leigh L - Marietta, GA

Hilton Head has been the place of my heart for as long as I can remember. As a child, it was my heaven on Earth and, as an adult, it stood to reason that I would rally for my young family to adopt my love of the island. Years ago, in July and at the last minute, my husband and I decided to try our luck and ended up scoring a beautiful, high-end room for a bargain price. We felt like royalty at the beach-front mecca, even though we were actually a fledgling, new family struggling to make ends meet.

Our first night, my husband and I took our two young daughters onto the beach for some twilight play. We ended up being welcomed by the most unexpected, stunning, free-form fireworks by the beachers next to us, commemorating the 4th of July. It felt like our own personal display and we were absolutely spellbound!

I will never, ever forget the unadulterated joy on the faces of my girls as they beheld the show. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! But, more than anything, I remember being overcome knowing that this gem of an island was forever making its impression on my family, the way it always had with me.

I love this place. We all love this place. This magical place. Hilton Head.

Our First Family Vacation
Jennifer L - Bethel Park, PA

This was our first vacation as a family, my husband Christopher, our daughter Emma and myself. When we stayed at Hilton Head in one of the villas, our daughter was 10 1/2 months. It was her first time at the beach and it was also her mother's first time at the beach (37 years old). It was quite monumental stepping into the ocean for the first time with my daughter and husband.

The walks on the many paths at sunset as the squirrels go jumping every 30 seconds from tree to tree made me laugh. The people as you pass by had such expressions of joy on their faces. Life truly is better at the beach.

Another memory is looking out our window in the morning and seeing an aligator gliding by, looking as if he is saying "How do you do?" Being a Pennsylvania girl, you don't see too many gators out your back door!!

The memories of this trip, I will forever treasure and cherish. Watching my baby girl play in the sand for the first time and looking at the ocean in great awe warmed my heart and will be with me always.

What a wonderful place Hilton Head is, I was quite sad to leave and have been thinking about the ocean tides ever since.

Chris B - Champaign, IL

Every summer for the last 15 years my family and I have traveled 16 hours in a car all together from our home to vacation in Hilton Head Island for 2 weeks. We had a tradition for the most part of how our days would go. We would wake up in the morning and ride our bikes. At the beginning of the trip we would go to Sea Pines shopping center and then go to Harbor Town and work our way to make the journey to South Beach as it was a bit of a ride for some of us. No matter where we would go, when we got there we would walk around and look in the stores to eye what we would take home as our souvenir to remember Hilton Head by. For me. every year I would go to the Shell Shop at Coligny and buy one of their model ships. I would collect them when I brought them home. We would always make our stop by The Island Fudge Shop to get our pound of fudge that would only last us 2 days if we were lucky, but most likely we would be back by the next day as it was so good!

Once we got back from our bike ride we would put our suits and head for the beach or the pool. But before we could do that, my mom would yell (nag) at us to put our sunscreen on or we would be as red as a lobster when we came back to the room. One day out of the entire trip my dad and I would walk out to the beach when it was low tide with our sand toys to build a sand castle. Once we found the right location to build our kingdom we would set out and start piling the sand in our buckets to build. We had a system where my dad would work mostly on the sand castle itself, while I worked on the defense of it. I would build the moats around the castle and build the walls to try and defeat the ocean from destroying our sand castle. No matter what I conjured up the ocean always won eventually to my disappointment. Once we were done with the sand castle we would pick up our boogie boards and head out and try to find some big waves to ride. Some days were better than others, but we made best of it and just enjoyed floating in water.

Once 5pm came around we would return to our room and shower and get ready for dinner. Of course this was no easy task as I am no easy person to feed. I was and still am a very picky eater not liking anything that was green or from the sea with the exception of salmon. Some of our favorite places were Crazy Crab for their hush puppies, Truffles for their large oreo ice cream pies, Marly''s for their virgin pina coladas, and many more. Once we were all stuffed and full we would return home and relax. We would all just find our own thing to do until my mom or dad would yell at us to go to bed and that it was time for bed.

Of course over time traditions are removed, stay the same, or added on. One example, ever since I turned 16, I started riding the wave runners out of South Beach. That tradition continues each year, as I go out and try to jump the biggest waves while going max speed. I remember hitting 51mph as my top speed and enjoy the adrenaline rush I get. Luckily I have only fallen off twice and came away from it un-injured!

These are just a couple of the traditions and while some will not stick around as we get older, we will always have the memories. No matter where I go in life, I will always make sure I make it back to HHI with my kids for them to enjoy one day.

Party for Two - Just Me and You...
Deborah L - Gravenhurst, Ontario

Last October my husband and I planned a trip to our beloved Hilton Head Island. We have been before, and have even brought family and friends there. Our love and excitement for Hilton Head has been infectious, resulting in many of our friends coming back on their own. In October we decided that we wanted to get away to our favourite place, just me and my husband.

We have been married for 28 years and are the love of each other's lives. We enjoyed our 'party for two' so very much. We stayed in Port Royal Plantation. We rented bikes before we left Canada and they were dutifully waiting our arrive out front of our villa. A couple of nights we ate in the solitude of our rented villa. Other nights we planned like two giddy lovers of where to eat. We wanted to try different places, places we've never been before. I have a passion for photography, not professional by any means, just a passion. I snapped pictures and made my husband promise that we could do a 'beach photo-shoot.' He promised and we did. We proppped my camera on our bicycle seats, my husband set the time and ran back to join me in the photo. We also took loads of pictures of one another, like we were first dating. It was amazing. Upon returning home I made a photobook of our trip. It was made with love and for love's sake. Every page tells the story of two people (I am 51 and my husband is 61) who are truly, madly, deeply in love. It chronicles our week together in our favourite place, where we ate, where we biked, what we did and saw. My husband went golfing (I don't golf) and I went bike riding on a couple of days. I loved that my husband could golf as he loves it so (again, not professional, just a love of the sport.) When we both returned back to our villa, it was so exciting to share our events.

We were hoping to come back again in October, but my husband's business has taken a real hit. It's almost like the phone lines have been cut. In fact, he hasn't worked since we got home from Hilton Head. Do we regret taking the trip in hindsight? Not on your life. Sitting down and musing over my photobook rekindles that warm, fuzzy feeling all over again, and I smile...

Unfortunately, we got the worst news possible this Monday. I had noticed my husband slowing down, even last October when we were in HHI. A sinking feeling was deep inside me. I suspected that my husband might have what a friend of ours died of years ago. Well, on Monday, it was confirmed. My husband has ALS. We are crushed beyond belief. ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) is a terrible, terrible disease with no cure. An astonishing 80% of all ALS patients only have maybe 2 to 5 years to live from diagnosis. I plan on being my husband's caregiver until the bitter end. That's what soulmates do.

We cannot personally afford a trip to HHI in October as hoped for. By sharing my story I hope that the readers will find it in themselves to vote for the 'party for two.' We'd really appreciate one more chance to spend another incredible week at our favourite place while my husband is still mobile and can travel. It would mean the world to us. I can also make one last photobook of cherished memories that will keep me going in the darkest of days to come.

I spend many hours volunteering my time on Tripadvisor and have made it to'destination expert' status (that's how much I love Hilton Head.) I love helping others who are planning their trips, maybe for the first time, as I know they will be making cherished family memories while there.

I thank you for reading this verbose entry, but this is so close to my heart.....

60th Anniversary
Stacy K - Haddonfield, NJ

It was my parents' 60th anniversary and I wanted to bring them to Hilton Head for a week's celebration. My dad is starting to suffer from dementia and my mom needed a bit of a rest, so choosing HH was such a great idea. We were able to drive from NJ and bring their beloved dog, Sunny. We stayed in Palmetto Dunes, renting a private home which was just blocks from the beach. My dad and I walked the beach every morning with Sunny, and I relished the time I had talking with him, reliving childhood memories. Every day he seemed to be remembering more and more. In the afternoon, my mom and I would walk to the tennis courts, on the beach, where ever she wanted to go. She looked rested and just so happy to be on the beach and relaxing. Even the dog, Sunny, became "the" dog that all the kids loved to pet and everyone seemed to know her name after just a few weeks.

I got to play tennis, spend some quiet time for myself, but more importantly got to spend time with the people who have known me the parents. It was a vacation that I will never forget...and always remember.

Through the Years
Jill G - Alexandria, KY

Since high school, I have been coming to Hilton Head each June. I have loved every minute of the time spent on the tranquil beaches. The layout of the island adds to its appeal. I don't know of one favorite memory as there have been so many. Now as an adult, I bring my family to Hilton Head each summer and cherish every second of the time spent together there.

Cherished Memories
Ginger B - Seneca, SC

My now deceased husband of 5 years, as of 7/11/12, and father of 4 sons, came to Hilton Head for vacation in August 1988. We stayed in a condo which had a pond behind it. The children at the time were 2-4 year olds, 1-5, and 1 almost 7.

Upon arrival they went upstairs all excited to get into their swimsuits to head to the beach and all of a sudden came screaming down the stairs yelling 'alligators, big alligators in the back yard.' It was so funny! We took them to the window so they could see the back yard where the pond was and showed them the signs warning about the alligators and do not feed them or go outside alone. I thought we would never get them to go outside to go to the beach or even out to eat.

They finally gave in and enjoyed their time there more on the beach than anything because their Dad would get in the ocean and play with them. They got to see dolphins for the first time playing in the ocean, starfish, and lets not forget the alligators.

This is one memory through photo's that we all have to remember him by and how he loved and played with them. They were so young they can barely remember this trip. This was a long time ago but one of the best memories I have of us as a complete family. The sunset is something that will never be forgotten and would love to see it again. He was a great husband and a wonderful Dad and is missed everyday.

My Happy Place
Donna S - Charlotte, NC

I have been going to HHI for over 25 years and it is my favorite place in the world. My best single memory there is my husband proposing to me right on South Forest Beach at night. We continue to travel their yearly with our kids and every visit just adds more and more special memories. We love it there!!

Vacation with My Mom
Jacob V - Mansfield, MA

One Christmas season I was home with my mom after being away at College and we really didn't have any special plans.

I had been to Hilton Head before and suggested we go - why not? It won't be warm I told her, but we'll just drive down there and spend a few days exploring around. Mind you we're living in Albany, New York at the time. She was up for it, and a few hours later we were packed and on our way without a hotel once we got down there.

I'll always remember the drive down (Approx. 16 hours) and the time we spent together once we arrived and spent Christmas on Hilton Head Island.

I don't remember what I got for Christmas that year or if we even did presents, but the few days I spent with my mom down in Hilton Head far surpassed any present I could have ever gotten that year or any year since.

How things have changed.
Patty V - Solon, OH

Little did I know that our last trip to HHI might and could very well have been our last trip. On April 15, 2012 my husband suffered a massive stroke. Although he did survive the stroke he will need much therapy. He is currently in a rehab facility. His inability to effectively communicate with friends and family is probably the most frustrating for everyone. As of today he still is unable to walk or use his right arm. But they are very hopeful with his outcome.

Last week when I visited him I wore my yellow Salty Dog shirt. I hadn''t worn it in months. I walked in and he was sitting in his wheelchair, also wearing a yellow Salty Dog shirt. Maybe it''s a sign that one day we will return to HHI.

We have visited for over 25 years, always staying on Sea Pines. Our three children have the best memories from HHI. The Salty Dog, Crabber J, Captain Zodiac and of course the beach. To this day I still hear about how dad fell off his bike on the beach with our youngest on the back. (you had to see it to appreciate any humor in it). So many memories I can''t even begin to pick just one. So even if we aren''t fortunate to win this trip, I feel in my heart someway, someday that we will make it back to HHI and create new memories.

Memories in Our Hearts Forever
Natasha K - Westminster, SC

My husband and I both have cherished memories of trips to Hilton Head, that will always hold a special place in our hearts that will be with us, especially him, for the rest of our lives.

From the time my husband was a small child his family always went to Hilton Head at least 1 time each year and his Dad always chartered a boat and took him shark fishing. He was hooked from the first time. He knew as soon as school was out for the summer they would be going shark fishing.

We were married in December 2006. In early March of 2007, I had to go to Hilton Head for a seminar for work. I had never been to Hilton Head and it was beautiful. His Dad and Mom told us they were going to be there and we could all go shark fishing together, which we did. I am so glad we did because that was the last time my husband would shark fish with his Dad. His Dad passed away that summer from a sudden illness. My husband was 24 years old at the time and has not been back to Hilton Head or any other beach since then. He has just started talking about going shark fishing again and I know it is because he has had a very hard time dealing with the death of his Dad.

I would love to win this trip and take him shark fishing. At the moment we can’t afford it because money is tight. This would mean so much to us both, especially him. Please like our entry so I can give him a little piece of the best memories he had of him spending time with his Dad doing what they loved.

Thank you so much!

Parris Island Graduation turned to Paradise
Lisa W - Ellicott City, MD

We were visiting SC to attend my niece's graduation from Marine basic training and happened upon a amazing 1 bedroom condo in Sea Pines @ a great rate. Our travel turned into a family reunion as we entertained some nearby relatives at the condo. We spent our days watching dolphins, biking and surfing on the one of a kind beaches. A side trip to Savannah was like walking into another time and place.

Then we ended our week with a dolphin tour to Vanishing Island where we got caught in a storm - what an adventure! Thank goodness for The QuarterDeck where we enjoyed a great meal and drinks and watched the storm rumble through the harbor! As we headed back to the dock, our captain let my 8 yr old take the wheel! My kids talk about the boat ride and biking on the beaches as one of their favorite family trips!

Seeing our son graduate boot camp from US Marines'
Debora H - Youngstown, OH

We drove down the 17th of November to see our son graduate from boot camp. We got in around 8p.m. put our stuff in our rooms and went to eat dinner. It was late and cold and we had to get up early, but I had to see the water.

We got to the beach it was very dark out but we found our way to the water. We could not see it barely but I got to hear it.

We had to leave because I got to see my son the next morning graduate boot camp. It was a very proud and sad moment. I haven't seen him in month's - he left as a boy and I got him back as a proud young man.

I never got to go back to the water only seen it through the window, but every time I seen my son in the backseat a tear came to my eye. That is why I will never forget my trip to Hilton Head Island.

A beautiful place - wish I could stay longer.

First bike ride at 65!
Linda C - Fletcher, NC

Hilton Head Island is full of bicycles and plenty of places to ride. Phil had rented two bikes. One was a tandem bike and he encouraged me to ride double with him. I am 65 years old and have never ridden a bike. On our last day there, he encouraged me to ride. I did! And had so much fun! We rode on the beach and some of the trails. The beach was a perfect place for me to learn. Cannot wait to return and to ride again!

Leigh L - Marietta, GA

Hilton Head has been the place of my heart for as long as I can remember. As a child, it was my heaven on Earth and, as an adult, it stood to reason that I would rally for my young family to adopt my love of the island. Years ago, in July and at the last minute, my husband and I decided to try our luck and ended up scoring a beautiful, high-end room for a bargain price. We felt like royalty at the beach-front mecca, even though we were actually a fledgling, new family struggling to make ends meet.

Our first night, my husband and I took our two young daughters onto the beach for some twilight play. We ended up being welcomed by the most unexpected, stunning, free-form fireworks by the beachers next to us, commemorating the 4th of July. It felt like our own personal display and we were absolutely spellbound!

I will never, ever forget the unadulterated joy on the faces of my girls as they beheld the show. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! But, more than anything, I remember being overcome knowing that this gem of an island was forever making its impression on my family, the way it always had with me.

I love this place. We all love this place. This magical place. Hilton Head.

Misty P - Ruffin, NC

Use to go with my grandparents every year and they would take all the grandkids (9 of us), so many fun times, fishing with papa and building sandcastles with granny..that's all they are now are memories, but wonderful ones and I would love for my kids and grandkids to see and experience what I did.

An Amazing Surprise
Katie J - Cincinnati, OH

An Amazing surprise
August of last year was a milestone birthday for me...the big 3-0!!! I wasn't exactly lamenting it, but I was a little leery. My friend Molly and I are both busy moms of small children (I have 2 boys and she has 5 girls!!!) who have had a long distance friendship for almost as long as we've known each other. We met in college and reconnected a few years later. A few years ago, we decided that we needed to meet up once a summer for a mom's only getaway weekend. Because of our schedules, the best possible time seems to fall right around my birthday. The first year we did Nashville and last year, I flew down to Atlanta, where she currently lives. We shopped, stayed in a hotel, and ate meals in peace. It was heaven.

The entire weekend (as well as the weeks leading up to the weekend) Molly kept bragging about all these birthday surprises that were planned. She gave me some very thoughtful, special gifts and took me out to a nice dinner-seafood, my favorite! The last day of my trip, she told me that I was to do as instructed, no questions asked. She was supposed to take me to the airport around 11am so I could catch my flight home. She informed me that would not be happening and my flight was actually a little later. I was confused, but not wanting to ruin any surprises, I kept my mouth shut.

We had a little time to kill so we stopped off for coffee. As we walked back to the car, Molly began to panic. She told me she lost her wedding ring. She thought she left it on the sink of the bathroom in the hotel. I panicked along with her, making sure she hadn't lost it in the car, her purse, or shopping bags. We headed back to the hotel to check and as we ran into the lobby I hear ' Surprise! Want to go to the beach with me???' and there, standing to my right, was my dear husband. He had enlisted Molly's help to plan the surprise and get me where I needed to be. He left our house in Cincinnati, OH at 3 am to drive down to Atlanta to pick me up and whisk me away to Hilton Head for my big birthday. He made arrangements for my parents to keep our kids, booked the hotel,and packed my stuff and his (He NEVER packs his things for trips, let alone mine)

It was our first trip to the island and we LOVED it! We spent every chance we could on Coligny beach. We went to the shops, ate at the most amazing restaurants, (Skull Creek Boathouse was our favorite!) and had a stress-free, kid-free getaway. I had a birthday mimosa at Plantations, swam in the ocean, and had ice cream from the Frozen Moo instead of birthday cake. It was the most memorable birthday I've ever had.

We enjoyed out trip so much that we decided we had to come back with out kids so in July of 2012, we went back for a whole week and had a blast. It was our sons' first beach experience and they loved it! They can't wait to go back too!

Maureen meets Krusty Krab
Mike C - Hamburg, KY

Our first visit to Hilton Head was our honeymoon. There had been a lot of rain on HHI the week leading up to our visit, and we almost didn''t have access to our accomodations in the South Beach area as the road was flooded. We had driven 1000 miles only to get 300 yards from our destination with the possibility of not getting there at all. We did get through though.

Our first evening, we were walking about the South Beach area, in a small residential traffic circle when we happened upon a fiddler crab. For whatever reason, my wife (a city girl) bent over to touch it. Before she could touch it, the crab raised it''s claws, my wife shrieked and ran half way back to the condo, the crab running in the opposite direction just as quickly with the click, click, click, of it's legs, me standing equidistant between laughing hysterically.

We''ve been back a number of times with our kids, too many good memories to list... the first time they saw a dolphin or a gator, any sunrise, Easter Sunday mass and knowing 10 people you haven''t seen in years, etc.

First vacation ever and first time on a beach.
Rebecca J - Louisville, KY

My memory was with my husband and kids in July 2010, and was a wonderful memory that I will never forget. Early that year my husband told me that we were taking a vacation and I couldn''t have been more excited, and then he told me that we will be going to the beach and my excitement went through the roof. One I had never been on a vacation in my life and at the time I 33, and I have never seen or been anywhere near a beach for that matter.

I remember like it was yesterday, we arrived at the beach a little bit before 6:30 am, just in time to see the sunrise. It took my breath away, I started crying and just couldn''t believe that I finally was on a beach and putting my feet in the ocean. I didn''t care that people were looking at me crying and overcome with it all. I just couldn''t get over how the water just went on and on. Everywhere I looked I saw beautiful water and sand. The sand felt like silk on my feet. I hugged my husband and thank him for doing this, and that it was him and the kids that I got to be with.

We're Having A Baby!
Shannon D - Oak Ridge, NC

After dinner one night during our family vacation, my husband and I shared the news with my parents that we were expecting our fist baby! It was hard to keep the secret during the car ride from NC to SC, but we did it! The whole vacation week, our family talked about how the next summer we would be bringing a baby to the beach. Fallon Benson Day was born on December 24, 2011.

That will forever be my favorite Hilton Head Memory!